The birthday cake!

I’m a big believer in celebrations and the more over-the-top, creative, yet frugal – the happier I am. Someday I plan to follow in the footsteps of my grandmother and learn baking and bake our own family cakes. But till then I have to rely on the services of others.

I am a sucker for doing things the same way or in other words – love the traditional approach! So last year, I ordered at JustBake. Though the cake was good, it was a little disappointing as it wasn’t as well-made as the one pictured on their website. But still for the kids, the cake rocked. They loved it! And showed their appreciation! (Bless them)


This year around, I am again ordering from JustBake. Only this time instead of a monstrous 7 kg cake, I’m ordering two cakes – a 3kg one for the morning party with her classmates and a 4kg one for the evening gala with all her/our friends.

I’m just thrilled with the cakes and hope they turn out as good as in the pictures.

Gift Box

The first one, we’ll cut in the morning. The party theme is the “Three Billy Goats.” But since we couldn’t get anything remotely goaty or farmyard like, we decided to go with these “roses in a green meadow” type cake.

Also helps that her morning frock, have the same colours of green & rose.


The second one is actually listed as a wedding cake and not a children’s cake. But the cake is so identical to her dress – the same colour, similar roses and sugar pearls – that I had to have this one.

I actually wanted the theme “Kabulliwallah.” But within a few discussions, we realised it’ll be too complicated and boring a subject for kids (Now you know what I’ll plan 9 years later). So we next thought of “The Jungle Book – Mogwli.” But then again -trying to have a skit or a puppet show – would be difficult. Just imagine the characters! So, we then decided to go with “The Three Billy Goats Gruff.” The playschool owner’s cousin had already staged this puppet show earlier. So the theme, colours, everything got switched within a week of the birthday.

And here we are! So will post most updates of the party to which the “Three Billy Goats Gruff” graced their presence with.

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Birthday up-ahead! LL turning two!

Billy-Goat Gruff Invitation-page-Edit

Invitation in line with the party theme of “The Three Billy Goats Gruff”

Munchkins is turning two this year! And I can’t believe it myself. Its been quite a momentous journey, with her philosophy of “happiness being the most precious commodity.”

Seeing munchkins grow up is bitter-sweet. I remember the little baby who fit in my lap. She’s now half as tall as me. Each physical change has brought with its own memories. At her current height, she’s still able to play horsey on mummy’s legs. She can still hide inside the last shelf in the cupboard – Oh! Sorry! I meant the enchanted cave. We can still play “Open the Gumaiyo” with empty packaging cases. The game consists of munchkins trying to hide inside a carboard box – with the mummy folding and unfolding the four sides as we play “Open the Gumaiyo” and “Close the Gumaiyo.”

Gumaiyo – a word which my daughter uses everyday at least a dozen times – we are sorry to say we still don’t know the meaning of. We have no idea if its a verb, noun, animal, food item, human. In fact, my friends, relatives and other baby-ma well wishers have confessed themselves to be as baffled as amused by “GUMAIYO.” Its pronounced, according to the best authority in the world – its sole proprietor my daughter – as “GUMAAAIYOOOO”!

I think the enchantment of these words will disappear once she learns to talk – which is why its so important to enjoy children at every stage.

குழலினி தியாழினி தென்பதம் மக்கள்
மழலைச்சொல் கேளா தவர்

(“The pipe is sweet, the lute is sweet,” say those who have not heard the sweet lisp of their own children)

So yes, its her birthday week. And the sweetest sound I will hear is her voice!

Baby-ma’s off to school!!


Baby-ma’s (1 yr, 9 months) all ready for her First Day at School !!! History repeats itself a little earlier! Apparently, I so badly wanted to go to school that my parents were forced to take me to the nearby school when I was only 2 years old. I was so happy that on my first day I hugged & kissed every single kid in the class of 20. However, by the time I was 4 they had to take me kicking, biting & screaming to school! Wondering how long this HAPPY-going-to-SCHOOl spell will last!!


The little one was so happy with her new school bag – that she didn’t want to let go off it from the minute she caught sight of it at the shop. So when it came to billing at Fooba Wooba – I actually had to lift her with bag firmly in place on both shoulders – right onto the counter for scanning the barcode as almost the entire staff stood around grinning and all eager to help.

The bag soon became THE BAG – with it being constantly examined; opened, re-opened, stuffed with her water bottle; stories being told about the two bunnies in their little car & a careful check to see if any of the felt trees, fruits, car or bunny were edible.

Motherhood in the words of another journalist!

When I read this I really wanted to share….because this mother – my friend & colleague – spoke the same language as me – a language that sometime bewilders my single friends. Loved every line she wrote; especially this – “The first time she touched my cheeks to sense what I was – that was bliss. That feeling would remain unmatched for the rest of my life” – Shyamala Seetharaman


I know this post is passe but I can’t help it. I’m so used to writing boring year-end copies while at work. So, by force of habit, here is my round up of 2013.
1. I quit my job in January so there’s nothing much to write about it. For now, I’m a sit-at-home mom but, consciously, not the nighty wearing (I hate the outfit!), constantly cribbing, mega serial watching type. Not yet. Hopefully never.
2. I kept physically and mentally busy during the break from work. As planned, my daughter was delivered with relative ease. Normal delivery has become such a rarity, everyone was surprised and reconfirmed to make sure they heard it right 
3. My daughter was a revelation, in a way that I started to question my own perceptions of me. For starters, never did I know I could be hysterical; helplessly screaming at the middle of the night was not a trait I possessed ever before.
4. My daughter cried non-stop through the night during her first month. I never knew newborns would have trouble sleeping. Mine did, and now I know, most babies do. It took our family quite a while to figure out that my daughter was not hungry when she screamed at night but was terribly sleepy and didn’t know how to doze off. “Sleep like a baby” is an expression I’ve come to loath in the last nine months.
5. Four straight hours of sleep is a luxury I have been denied for the last 11 months.
6. Become a mother to know your lowest lows – physically and emotionally. I can write a whole book on this.
7. Become a mother to know your strengths – physical and emotional. I constantly lecture unsuspecting victims on this 
8. My daughter was about four months old when she consciously started to practice motor skills. She realised her limbs could be used to hold, grab and touch. The first time she touched my cheeks to sense what I was – that was bliss. That feeling would remain unmatched for the rest of my life. All the pains of motherhood are worth enduring for moments like these.
9. I’ve become super efficient. With a toddler to attend to 24*7, I don’t have a choice

Something nice

Steve-Hanks-New-Discoveries Mom

I am always amazed at how many people stop me in the middle of the road or come up-to greet me  because I’m walking around with baby-ma. She’s such a sweet, friendly thing! My daughter’s just so happy to meet people that she beams and gives a huge grin to everyone.  The attraction point is that people find the idea of a baby smiling up at them singularly captivating. And I of course don’t have the heart to tell them that its not just them, but she smiles at every other person she meets.

She has such a cute way of smiling too – she’ll first give a side-long glance, tilt her head to one side, assess the person and then give one huge, broad grin.

I feel so happy to have such a little bundle of sunshine around!  Everyone from my neighbours, to her playschool friends to workers at the local supermarket – love to play and chit-chat with her. She’s just 8-months-old but she’s already teaching me so many new things in life and introducing me to so many nice people and nice ideas. I love my little baby-ma!

I also feel uplifted when total strangers come forward to help me….lifting the pram; showing me how the baby-seat in the supermarket trolley works; holding the baby while I pay the cashier; amusing the baby while I withdraw money from the ATM.

My neighbours, her playschool teachers, caretakers and other parents have all helped to make me so-at-home, so comfortable, so happy in taking a round with my baby 🙂