Baby-ma’s off to school!!


Baby-ma’s (1 yr, 9 months) all ready for her First Day at School !!! History repeats itself a little earlier! Apparently, I so badly wanted to go to school that my parents were forced to take me to the nearby school when I was only 2 years old. I was so happy that on my first day I hugged & kissed every single kid in the class of 20. However, by the time I was 4 they had to take me kicking, biting & screaming to school! Wondering how long this HAPPY-going-to-SCHOOl spell will last!!


The little one was so happy with her new school bag – that she didn’t want to let go off it from the minute she caught sight of it at the shop. So when it came to billing at Fooba Wooba – I actually had to lift her with bag firmly in place on both shoulders – right onto the counter for scanning the barcode as almost the entire staff stood around grinning and all eager to help.

The bag soon became THE BAG – with it being constantly examined; opened, re-opened, stuffed with her water bottle; stories being told about the two bunnies in their little car & a careful check to see if any of the felt trees, fruits, car or bunny were edible.