A lovely wedding!

A shallow pool lighted up with fairy lights, crystal danglers, tea-lites and daisy pom-poms @ the wedding

A shallow pool lighted up with fairy lights, crystal danglers, tea-lites and daisy pom-poms @ the wedding

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending a very close friend’s wedding. It was a really beautiful affair with lots of fairy lights, lengths of white tulle and white-white flowers everywhere.

What is really remarkable about the wedding is that the entire cost of the wedding was borne by my friend and his lovely bride. They had saved up for nearly a year to make this lovely evening with friends and family happen. Its also a really touching and beautiful thing that they have been dating each other for the last 10 years – from the day the couple turned 20.


The arch – entiwned with bamboo, white tulle, ferns, white gladioli, white tiger lilies and daisy asters. The aisles were lit with white Chinese pom-poms and gigantic two-foot high candles @ the wedding

Since the girl’s people were from Andhra and my friend’s from Bengal – instead of going for the ritual ceremonies of either cultures, the couple decided to be a little un-conventional and went all subtle, white n Western for the wedding. Though many Indian brides have started donning white gowns on their D-Day – still quite a number of people kept coming over and asking if the bride or my friend was a Christian (as if white gowns are the sole prerogative of Goans and Indian Christians!Lol!)


Lovely daisy pom-poms strung on crystal chains – interspersed with glass tea-lites @ the wedding

There was lots of fun, dancing & great food at the wedding. I don’t think anyone enjoyed the music half as much as baby-ma. My little girl started dancing at 7 and didn’t stop till the clock struck 11 – when she was forcibly carted off to our waiting car. She also managed to have so much zest and energy on a diet of lime juice, pineapple juice and whatever other juice she could lay her little grubby hands . She refused to eat so much as a bite of food as long as the music was on. It was nice to see our friends patiently steering her away from 3-inch stilettos and patent-leather flat-soled shoes as she took her place on the dance floor!


Lush with flowers n fern @ the wedding


Chinese box-lanterns add their charm to the subtle fragrances of the flower pom-poms @ the wedding

Another nice thing about the wedding were the wedding vows – my friend apparently promised to “cook n clean; don an apron and look good in it too.”

Here’s wishing them a very happy married life!


Pretty as a picture @ the wedding


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