Ever thought of dolls with a caste?

Chennai, thanks largely to the efforts of E.V.R.Periyar and other rationalists, always tries to suppress any outward display of caste. Even street names which earlier read “Pasumpon Muthuramalinga Thevar” and “V.V.S.Iyer” have been now changed to “Pasumpon Muthuramalingam street” and “V.V.S street”. Of course, the matrimonial columns in all the city’s Tamil and English newspapers continue to be blatantly casteist, sexist and other -“iests,” even as the media’s general editorial policy is anti-caste.

But I never thought that caste would ever enter the world of child’s play….or maybe I was mistaken, maybe these dolls are only meant for Kolu, navaratri celebrations, even so….don’t you find them slightly nauseous (despite their cherubically sweet appearance)?

Iyengar doll

Iyengar doll

Iyer doll

Iyer doll


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