Candy bar lady

I just loved this story about a “candy bar lady” and wanted to share it with all of you:

“It was just after 5 o’clock when the girls and I dashed into the grocery store. I normally avoid buying groceries during rush-hour, but we had a window of time during Christian’s basketball practice and decided to hurry in for milk and a few other staples.


We filled the cart quickly and headed to the front of the store. Despite the hour, at first glance it looked like only the self-checkout lanes were open. Quite a few customers had clustered at the self-checkout, so the girls and I passed those lanes in search of a cashier. We found one cashier, but she had turned her light off, so it looked like she was closing her lane. A couple of aisles down, we noticed a newly-lit lane, so headed that direction.

When we reached the lane, we were surprised to find a single buggy but no one in sight. As we were about to back out, a petite silver-haired lady passed us. “Oh, I’m sorry,” she said with a friendly smile. “They said someone would be here in a minute.”

I checked the time, a little worried that we would not be able to check out before we needed to head back to Christian’s practice. It didn’t look like the other lanes were moving quickly, though, so I decided we would stay put.

Moments later, a cashier hurried to the register. The pretty teenager looked a little frazzled as she keyed her code into the register, but she brightened when she noticed the woman who was ready to check out. “Oh, it’s you!” she said with delight. “I was hoping you would come through my lane.” I assumed the two were friends until their conversation continued.

“We always love for the ‘candy bar lady’ to come through our lanes,” the cashier continued as she scanned a king-size Snickers Bar. “The other day I was so hungry; I was really wishing you would come through.”…….

Please, read the rest of the story @ A Little Loveliness


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