Little Fingers


I am not such  a big earring and necklace person…but with baby-ma around I’m constantly stocking up on trinkets for her.  I already have quite a small collection that my neighbours feel I’d be better off wearing NOW! than saving for her later. In India, there is something about well-settled, homey-homey matrons that makes them want other mommies also to follow in their jhumkha-wearing, bindi-sporting, bangles-flashing footsteps.  Anyway someday I promise to take the time for myself and dress up a little, but meanwhile I thought I’d leave you guys with some seriously drool-worthy stuff from Little Fingers.

LittleFingers ethnic 2 LittleFingers ethnic1 LittleFingers ethnic3

Given that I make ethnic jewellery myself, I really appreciate the artistry that goes into the making of these fun, but beautiful pieces of jewellery. Don’t you now want to pick up something from Little Finger the next time you are shopping in Chennai?


Love anything that resembles felt beads and the violet chocker looks so ever-so nice!


I just love the fun, vibrant colours they have made use of….so appealing!

LittleFingers3 LittleFingers4

Feel spoilt for choice…wondering whether their ethnic offerings look better than their earthy, clay-ones or vice-versa…


Totally love the stained glass effect of this earring

LittleFingers6 LittleFingers7 LittleFingers8

Just love this set of clay roses…so abundant n gorgeous

LittleFingers10 LittleFingers11 LittleFingers12

The above selection is totally appropriate for your average teenager – with angry birds in tow


For a little whimsy…how about these sweet piglet earrings?

LittleFingers14 LittleFingers15 LittleFingers16

Do check out their FB page! Its got more gorgeous, gorgeous eye-catching jewellery


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