Life is compulsory!

When news surfaced that Jiah Khan’s ex-boyfriend was being arrested for her suicide…I didn’t think twice about the news…till I read this article by Seedfund managing partner Mahesh Murthy.

One of the passages that struck me head on was….

“In India, you don’t need to be married to have a child legally. Or even to inherit and pass on property. Marriage is just a social custom where a bunch of old people shower rice on your head and believe they’re giving you their permission (or direction, in some cases) to sleep with someone. As you can imagine, it has little or no legal necessity or significance.

What is important is planning to live a full life for yourself, and working to make all your dreams come true – regardless of whether you have a partner with you for the course. 

Sure, it’s more fun when you have a lover around. But not having one around isn’t a show-stopper. Life is compulsory. Marriage is an optional extra. Let’s tell the kids that.”

Live Life to the fullest


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