Silk thread bangles – DIY

I’ve always wanted to learn to make silk thread bangles. More so after all my Masscom classmates went on a class trip to DakshinChitra and I didn’t. All the girls in my class couldn’t resist bragging to me how they went to this fabulous workshop and flashing their shiny colourful silk-thread bangles at me.

So was I happy, when I came across this DIY for these super-colourful bangles

Silk thread bangles


Image courtesy – Dhivvya’s handicrafts

And in between, DakshinChitra is an awesome, visually-spectacular place that my fellow Chennai journalists have written about time and again…this cultural hub showcases both Indian art and traditional homes from the Southern states . So being a Chennaite its a crying shame that I still haven’t been there. Really anticipating taking baby-ma there someday!


Image courtesy- Livemint


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